Wills for $199*

Hawkes Lawyers are Queensland Wills Lawyers that ensure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are protected.

At Hawkes Lawyers we are your trusted local Will Lawyers. We can help with all your Will planning – including preparing your last Will and Testament, Mutually Binding Wills, Testamentary Trust Wills, Advance Health Directive and Power of Attorney documents.

Why choose Hawkes Lawyers to write your Wills?

It is important to understand why you should choose Hawkes Lawyers to prepare your Will. We understand the importance of your wishes and how to draft them in your Will so that your intended beneficiaries receive what you want them to receive. We pride ourselves on providing the best advice tailored to your circumstances, as we understand your loved ones are your priority. That’s why we develop comprehensive Will strategies that give you peace of mind.

·       The professionals at Hawkes Lawyers offer services for Wills at the best prices

·       We have an experienced legal team providing you with personalised service

·       You will have access to an experienced solicitor working with you every step of the process

When preparing your Estate plan, the three most important documents you should have are:

  • A Will (whether standard, Testamentary Trust, Mutually Binding or otherwise tailored to your circumstances);
  • An Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • An Advanced Health Directive (if illness or end-of-life treatment is an issue, or if you have strong medical preferences for things like blood transfusions or organ donation).

Did you know 45% of Australians do not have a valid Will? A Will is the only way you can ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes when you pass.

Our fixed prices are the best around. The below fixed fees are per person:

  • Standard Will $199.00
  • Testamentary Trust Will $250.00
  • Mutually Binding Will (merged families) $250.00
  • Enduring Power of  Attorney $199.00
  • Advance Health Directive $199.00
  • Non standard and complex Wills $330.00 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I update my Will?

Our practitioners can also offer advice in relation to your existing Will. You should consider if changing your Will is necessary when:

  • A person named in the Will has died or become ill
  • Divorce or separation
  • You/your children get married or enter a de-facto relationship
  • Your wishes have changed
  • Your assets/financial circumstances have changed
  • Your personal details have changed
  • A named dependent comes of age
  • Illness or medical changes
  • New people need to be named in your Will

Why are your services so affordable?

At Hawkes Lawyers, we strongly believe that all Australians should have access to quality estate planning and advice, which is why our standard Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) documents are only $199 each. Drafted by experienced lawyers and tried and tested in the Supreme Court of Queensland, you can relax knowing you have a quality Will without paying exorbitant fees.


Executing your Will has never been more accessible or affordable, which is a value Hawkes Lawyers has always maintained. We build strong relationships with our Will clients and look forward to assisting them with their other legal matters in the future.

Can I prepare my own Will?

Preparing your own Will is not advisable. A Will requires precise and specialised wording, and getting it right is an important legal task. The ordinary meaning of words is not necessarily the same as their legal meaning, and ambiguous wording is extremely common in home-made Wills. Substantial cost and delay can be incurred in having to involve the Supreme Court to resolve the ambiguity. A Will must conform to strict legal requirements in order to be valid. 

If your Will is not properly drafted or declared to be invalid, your assets may be distributed according to a predetermined formula set out in legislation and not as you intended. Anyone who is not legally qualified risks making a mistake, creating uncertainty or a lost opportunity for good estate planning. Having a legal professional draft your Will now is a small investment that you (and your loved ones) will be glad you made later.

*Simple, straightforward Wills charged at $199.00 per person. If required, more complex wills start at $250.00 per person.