Wills: Everything you need to know

Securing estates can be daunting for many people, with complex language and strict legal requirements. We’re here to simplify the process, and ensure that when

Can I prepare my own Will?

The precise wording of a Will is a specialised and important legal task. The ordinary meaning of words is not necessarily the same as their

When should I update my Will?

Your Will expresses your wishes at a particular point in time. It is advisable to regularly review your Will as your circumstances change so that

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What is PEXA and e-conveyancing? PEXA stands for Property Exchange Australia. It is an online electronic lodgement network which enables solicitors and conveyancers to conduct

A Trustee’s Duty To Invest

Where a Trustee has a duty to invest, there are certain legal requirements placed on them. Interestingly, it is not too uncommon to find that