Experienced criminal defence lawyers

If you are going to Court, you need good advice and a good lawyer, urgently. When being investigated by the police or any other investigative body it is important to know your rights and obligations.

Our criminal and traffic lawyers are able to assist in all areas of criminal defence and our established team are well-regarded, so you can feel confident we can appear in any court location.

If you are being charged with a crime it is important to understand your right to silence. We provide concise, confidential and practical advice to suit the needs of each client whether to go to trial or enter a guilty plea for any Magistrate, District and Supreme Court matters.

There are many criminal charges you may be facing, such as:

  • Drink driving offences
  • Traffic offences including serious traffic matters
  • Work licence or restricted licence applications
  • Defence representation for all criminal charges
  • Licence suspension
  • All other criminal offences
  • Sexual offences
  • Drug offences including trafficking
  • Assault offences including serious assault, GBH and murder charges
  • Property offences
  • Nuisance offences
  • Evasion offences
  • Stealing offences
  • Domestic violence matters

For any criminal or traffic offence, contact our team to guide you through the legal process and reduce risk for the best outcome.

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