Hawkes Lawyers Queensland Litigation and disputes lawyers and solicitors for Queensland

Hawkes Lawyers are the most affordable experienced team of litigation dispute lawyers in Queensland. Our goal is simple, minimise your risk and resolve the dispute without litigation. However if court proceedings is required we litigate to achieve the best out come. We do this by assessing your position and exploring all your available options. We then make recommendations so that you can achieve a desired outcome in a way that is cost-efficient.

The best option is to resolve a dispute amicably, however, that is not always possible. Sometimes we need to protect your rights and secure your interests. We can help you with a range of litigation and dispute matters. 

We can help you with a range of litigation and dispute matters:

  • Commercial or contractual
  • Building and contractual
  • Corporate, shareholder and director-related
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Professional negligence and indemnity
  • Debt recovery
  • Landlord and tenancy litigation and disputes
  • All other litigation and disputes (subject to review)