We help you to recover funds fast.


We asses your position and ensure you minimise risk.



Quality business advice for the life of your business

Our experienced team provide quality legal advice for your business matters to help you achieve and succeed in business. Whether you’re a start-up, buying or selling or need assistance with a dispute. Every business is unique and we can help you with a range of business and commercial matters, including:

  • Building and construction disputes including subcontractors charges

  • Director related advice

  • Licensing

  • Development arrangements

  • Mortgages, securities, guarantees and other financial instruments

  • Commercial or contractual

  • Building and contractual

  • Corporate, shareholder and director-related

  • Australian Consumer Law

  • Professional negligence and indemnity

  • Landlord and tenancy litigation and disputes


Assisting small to medium business to startups and corporates

We assist business owners to start up founders and entrepreneurs with commercial contract legal advice. Our affordable services are there to help you succeed in business. The law can be confusing and the wrong provision in a contract can affect your position. We have a clear understanding of what’s going on and what your rights and obligations are, which enables you to make the best decisions for yourself and your business.

We provide a full range of contract services:

  • Resolving contractual disputes
  • Insurance contracts and product disclosure statements
  • Employment and consultancy arrangements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Contract for the sale of goods
  • Subcontractors & contractors agreements
  • Builder contracts
  • Terms and conditions for services, competitions and otherwise
  • Business contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Residential contracts
  • Retirement village contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
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Our lawyers provide the best possible chance to recover your debt

A debt is a sum of money owed to a creditor that is legally enforceable. Managing debt recovery can be daunting which is why our talented team have a wealth of knowledge in commercial and personal debt recovery matters as well as liquidation and administration advice.

We are committed to solving your legal matter by offering a range of debt recovery services for individuals or small, medium to large enterprises.

Our mission is simple. Recover debts efficiently providing friendly, and cost effective legal solutions to our clients.