Buying, selling, leasing or developing property we can help with your conveyancing and property law needs.

Whether you're buying, selling, leasing or developing property, our experienced team at Hawkes Lawyers can provide tailored expert advice. We're efficient at managing property and conveyancing so you can be confident in a smooth process. 

We have legal expertise in all aspects of property acquisitions and sales, so you can be confident with a hassle-free settlement.


  • Conveyancing - commercial & industrial

  • Conveyancing - house, land & units

  • Development - subdivision community & title schemes

  • Leasing - commercial & retail

  • Retirement villages

  • Management rights & body corporate


Choosing a conveyancer or a solicitor

When transferring ownership of a property, experts handle all the legal aspects for you.  Good solicitors will regularly keep you updated in the process. Solicitors have detailed knowledge in property law but can also advise on general law such as tax implications or how a sale can affect a family law matter. The difference in experience and knowledge between a conveyancer and a solicitor commonly creates a price difference. People hire a conveyancer over a solicitor because it can be a cheaper option. But in order to make a profit, conveyancers have to take on more clients than a solicitor so you may not get the same level of service, knowledge and expertise. 


Remember, your Solicitor (or Conveyancer) is an important part of the purchase or sale of your property, so remember, cheapest isn’t necessarily best.

Hawkes Lawyers has more positive reviews than many local firms.


Our professional fee for a purchase is $990 (plus search fees) and $880 (plus search fees) for sales.