Going to court can be daunting and stressful which is why you need an experienced court lawyer.


Being represented be expert affordable lawyers gives you the best chance of success. Hawkes Lawyers understand that whether you are a victim, defendant or witness going to court can be a stressful and daunting experience. There are court rules to follow and the process can be confusing particularly when you want an outcome. Our role is to help you achieve the best outcome, we're not just any law firm, we're with you every step to provide experience and guidance in all court, litigation, traffic & criminal cases. Simple upfront fees - no hidden costs for strategic advice and strong representation in all Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Magistrate District and Supreme Courts including:

  • Magistrates Court 

  • Domestic Violence Court 

  • District Court 

  • Supreme Court 

  • Federal Circuit Court 

  • Family Court 

  • Federal Court 

  • QCAT


Our lawyers are experienced in:


  • Criminal law

  • Family Law

  • Civil Law

  • Drink driving 

  • Traffic Law

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