Going to court can be daunting and stressful which is why you need an experienced court lawyer.


Whether you are a victim, defendant or witness going to court can be a stressful and daunting experience. However, we're not just any law firm, we're with you every step to provide experience and guidance in all court, litigation, traffic & criminal cases. Simple upfront fees - no hidden costs for strategic advice and strong representation in all Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Magistrate District and Supreme Courts including:

  • Magistrates Court 

  • Domestic Violence Court 

  • District Court 

  • Supreme Court 

  • Federal Circuit Court 

  • Family Court 

  • Federal Court 

  • QCAT


Our lawyers are experienced in:


  • Criminal law

  • Family Law

  • Civil Law

  • Drink driving 

  • Traffic Law

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