Why Choose Hawkes Lawyers as your Maroochydore Family Lawyer?

At Hawkes Lawyers we are your trusted local Maroochydore family law solicitors. We can help you with all your family law in Maroochydore from children and parenting including child custody matters to property settlements and negotiations, divorce, financial agreements, international child disputes and domestic violence cases.

When it comes to choosing us to represent you and provide you with exceptional family law services, it is important to understand why you should choose Hawkes Lawyers. As highly successful family lawyers we understand relationship breakdowns can be complex and stressful. We pride ourselves on providing real solutions that get real results for families in Maroochydore, giving you an added edge in negotiations and court proceedings.

  • The professionals at Hawkes Lawyers offer services for family law at some of the cheapest prices in Maroochydore and Sunshine Coast
  • We have an experienced legal team working with you every step of the negotiation and court process
  • You will be connected to an experienced solicitor providing you with personalised service


Reaching an agreement can be emotionally difficult. Our lawyers make life easier


Domestic violence can take on many forms and our lawyers can help you


We can help you reach a settlement through negotiation and represent you in court


Divorce law is relatively simple, but it is important you understand a few things


Financial agreements determine the division of assets should parties separate


If a parent takes your child we can help you navigate the court and international laws


It is in the children’s best interest for parents to reach an agreement, but all families are different. Should an agreement not be reached Hawkes Lawyers can help negotiate without going to court. Most families can resolve parenting disputes through negotiation but not all.

Should a court determine what is in the best interest of the children there are a number of factors they consider.

  • The benefit of the children having a meaningful relationship with both parents
  • The need to protect children from physical and psychological harm.

Additional considerations are also a factor. Get in touch with our experienced affordable lawyers for a FREE consultation.



Separation is when you stop living together as a couple, even if you are still living in the same house. There are a few aspects to separation such as leaving the home, taking the children if you leave and what do you take.

Divorce is the official ending of your marriage. Your ex does not have to agree and the law does not look at who is at fault. You are not required to get divorced unless you or your partner want to remarry.​

Divorce is relatively simple, we can complete your application but first, you must have been separated for 12 months and arrangements for the children must be in place. Get in touch with our experienced family lawyers your first consultation is FREE.


Property settlement does not mean each party automatically receive 50/50% split of assets, liabilities and even income.

There are laws on how property should be divided, married or defacto. You should always get legal advice to understand what you are entitled, Your first consutation with Hawkes Lawyers is FREE and necessary. Our family lawyers can help with negotiations to divide property and what to do if you can’t reach an agreement.

A property settlement may include:

  • real estate, including the family home
  • money held as cash or in bank accounts
  • investments
  • insurance policies
  • inheritances
  • shares
  • superannuation
  • assets including cars, furniture, jewellery
  • debts including mortgages, loans, credit cards and personal debts.


Get expert legal advice to protect your children. Disputes with families who flee internationally have significant effects on children and parents. Parents may take a child for a variety of reasons but ultimately it is the child’s welfare that’s paramount. You can take steps to prevent wrongful removal if you are concerned your child may be removed from Australia.​

It is an emotional time, and each situation is treated sensitively case-by-case. We have experience in the recovery of children outside Australia and the complexities of international laws.

Our family lawyers are available to answer any questions and understand the urgency. Contact us for a FREE first consultation.


Financial agreements, also known as binding financial agreements or prenups can be a great solution in many differing circumstances. It can also help establish how assets and liabilities are divided in the future should a relationship breakdown.​

The law allows couples to enter into finacial agreements that are legally binding.

You may consider a binding financial agreement when:

  • you have more assets and money than your partner at the beginning of your relationship
  • you operate a family business or investment
  • you may, be entitled to an inheritance at a later stage
  • you are forming a new relationship and you have children who need to be protected financially
  • you want to ensure the terms of any property division are agreed up front

Our experienced affordable lawyers can discuss this with you and ensure your agreements are binding.


Domestic Violence includes verbal, emotional, financial and mental abuse as well as physical violence. You don’t have to have been physically injured to have experienced domestic violence.

If you’re experiencing Domestic Violence you can apply for a protection order.

If someone has taken out a Domestic Violence order against you and you disagree with the contents you maybe able to defend the application.

No matter your situation our experienced affordable lawyers can help. We are highly experienced in domestic violence cases contact us for a FREE consult.

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